Northern Arena is a leader in esports production in Canada, hosting tournaments for esports that continually grow year over year.


Northern Arena hosts events for the public in cities across Canada, including schools and partnered locations.


Leaderboards are automatically updated with the latest results, ensuring everyone can view the latest standings easily and quickly.


Players can utilize Northern Arena’s messaging system to quickly communicate with both opponents and teammates.

Spectacular live event production

Events across Canada

Northern Arena Productions hosts some of the biggest esports events in Canada at venues across the country.
With years of experience, Northern Arena Productions is an expert at organizing tournaments no matter the esport.

Quality broadcast production

With a stable of talented commentators, hosts, and producers, Northern Arena Productions ensures that your event will be staffed with the best in the business.



Northern Arena Mortal Kombat Klash

A Major Stop on the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition

As part of the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition, Northern Arena is hosting the Northern Arena Mortal Kombat Klash. Featuring players from across Canada, the tournament will feature eight weeks of online qualifiers that culminate in a live final. Kompetitors will not only compete for the $10,000 CAD prize pool, but for an all important spot at the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition Final next year.


Northern Arena
FIFA 19 Cup

Canadian FIFA Players Unite!

Working with Ontario Soccer, Northern Arena is proud to host the two season Northern Arena FIFA 19 Cup. Running for two seasons, FIFA 19 players from across Canada will compete in a dynamic online league to earn a place at the live finals, where they will compete for a $5,000 CAD shared prize pool.

Northern Arena
Rocket League Invitationals

Rocket League Comes To Canada

Northern Arena hosted two editions of the Northern Arena Rocket League Invitationals, which saw the best Rocket League teams from North America and Europe battle it out in online qualifiers before facing off against in each in Toronto.


18+ Live event

From September 19th-30th, 2018, Northern Arena organized Playground, an 18+ esports event in the heart of downtown Toronto. Featuring special guests from Street Fighter V, DragonBall Fighterz and Tekken 7, Playground was a smash hit that attracted hundreds of attendees and thousands of viewers.

Rainbow Six Canadian Nationals

Ubisoft and Northern Arena Combine For Exhilirating Event

In its first partnership with Ubisoft, Northern Arena organized the Rainbow Six Canadian Nationals for Rainbow Six Siege, which saw Canadian teams compete against each other across two seasons to grow the game’s esports scene in Canada.