Talent leaders in the video game & Esports industries.

From on-camera hosts to insightful analysts, Northern Arena Productions has a vast stable of talent that brings years of expertise to every event.​


Each member of Northern Arena brings years of experience to every event they attend.


Northern Arena is proud to feature Canadian talent in every production.

Experienced Personalities

Northern Arena has access to a large pool of talent, including stage hosts, analysts, and interviewers.

From Rocket League to Street Fighter, Northern Arena talent can bring years of knowledge to multiple major esports.

Flexibility is the name of the game, and each personality is adept at working different types of events, including esports tournaments, press conferences, and more


Carl-Edwin Michel

Northern Arena Founder & CEO

As the founder of Northern Arena, Carl is a talented broadcast journalist with years of experience in the technology, video games, and esports industries.

Lisa Doan

Host & Interviewer

Lisa is a video producer, editor, and all around great journalist who brings years of experience to bear as an on-camera host for SQUAD.

Brody Moore

Host & Rocket League Caster

Brody is a passionate host and caster, who can be found on SQUAD, the Rocket League Championship series, and his own Twitch channel.

Camille Salazar-Hadaway

Host & Interviewer

Camille is a skilled on camera host and interviewer who brings plenty of passion to both SQUAD and Northern Arena.

Ajay Fry

Host & Interviewer

Ajay is an award winning television host, who has been on camera for over two decades. In addition to his ability on screen, he’s also conveniently addicted to Overwatch.