Game Settings


Game Version: PlayStation 4

– Game Settings: Default Options

– Rounds: First to Two

– Matches: Best of Five Games

– Timer: 90 seconds

– Arena Select: Random

– Interactables: On

– Variations: Kustomized variations as created by the players. No tournament variations are allowed

– Wi-Fi: Banned. Under no circumstances can you be playing on a Wi-Fi connection.


Match Procedure The following steps outline the process of playing a Match.


1 – Players will be invited to the King of the Hill lobby and must join as soon as they receive an invite. 

2 – Players select their characters.

3 – The Players play the first Game of the Match.

4 – If a Mercy is performed, the Game outcome is delayed and the result afterwards are then official.

5 – The losing Player of the preceding Game may choose to change characters.

6 – The next Game is played.

7 – Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all subsequent Games until the Match is complete.

8 – In the event of a player being disconnected, depending on the circumstances, that player may receive a DQ on the individual game. If the set is not complete, the player will be re-invited to the lobby to resume the set.

9 – In the event of a host disconnection, should the players realize this, we ask that you leave the lobby immediately and await an invite to a newly created lobby. If the host disconnects in the middle of a match, we ask that players continue to play out their match and report who won to the tournament organizers. If the set is not complete after said match, await an invite to a newly created lobby.


All DLC characters currently available in the game are free to use.