Northern Arena FIFA 19 Cup
Season 1

Details for participating players


All players must check-in with the Northern Arena tournament official/admin on discord one hour prior to the start of the tournament. Players who fail to check-in by the scheduled start time for the tournament will be disqualified.

Check-in time: 11AM EST
Kickoff time: 12PM EST


For the duration of the tournament, players must log into the FIFA channel of the Northern Arena Discord. Failure to log into the server or leaving the server during your participation in the event will result in disqualification.

Number of matches & game mode

Each players will play a total of 3 match per day of the weekend and a total of 6 for the weekend.
Matches will be played using the FIFA 19 Head to head seasons game mode

Match Time & Deadline

Matches in the schedule have a time associated with them. Players can play their match before the time if their opponent are ready. If a player isn’t ready to play with his opponent at most 15 minutes after the scheduled time they will lose the match and their opponent win. If both players are not available the match will be counted as a loss for both players.

Match End Reporting

Upon match conclusion, both players must submit the end score of the game to their Northern Arena tournament official/admin. Players must take screen captures of each match scoreboard in case there is a dispute.


All questions prior to or during the tournament should be directed to the Northern Arena official/admin either on Discord or via the contact form.