Northern Arena partners up with Project Eris

Northern Arena Project Eris partnership
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 18, 2021

Northern Arena is proud to announce a new partnership with Project Eris. As Production Partner, Northern Arena will provide logistical support and boost the production scale and quality of Project Eris events and projects.

“Northern Arena will be assisting us when and where needed,” said Project Eris co-owner Kyndal “Astraea” Brizendine. “We really can’t wait to work with them for upcoming events, games, and seasons.” Brizendine serves as the organization’s Director alongside co-owner and Director Elle “GingerGiggles” Marshall.

Project Eris is an esports organization dedicated to supporting women in esports which was founded in May, 2021 by Brizendine. The organization holds an all-women Rainbow Six Siege professional esports series. Originally a passion project, the organization took flight with the support of Rainbow Six Siege caster and community figure Jess “JessGOAT” Bolden, who helped finance and promote Project Eris in the early days.

“When we first launched in May of 2020, we had only $3,000 in funding to cover the prize pool, production, and branding. We released a teaser image, and the community went crazy trying to figure out what it meant,” said Brizendine, reflecting on Project Eris’ humble beginnings.

“Since launch, we have been lucky enough to work with names like Jess “JessGOAT” Bolden, Fabian “Fabian” Hällsten, and Kevin “Sua” Stanke. We have also been able to bring on sponsors from brands like InkFingers, Razer, R6TM, and Aimlab,” said Brizendine. “We also had some wonderful people from the community and our donors who really helped us fund this entire season.”

“We are looking forward to working with the Project Eris team,” said Northern Arena Founder and CEO Carl-Edwin Michel. “I am really happy to bring the expertise and the talent of Northern Arena to bring Project Eris’ production to the next level.” Northern Arena will take care of production for Project Eris starting next season.

Project Eris will hold a charity event with the Cyberathlete Championship Series’ Down But Not Out Division on Oct. 30. The event will fundraise for the LifeWire organization to support the fight against domestic violence.

You can keep up with Project Eris on Twitter and Twitch.

About Northern Arena

Northern Arena is one of the most prominent esports organizations in Canada. Northern Arena focuses on creating platforms for physical events and online leagues. Working closely with various game developers, Northern Arena aims to seamlessly broadcast these events and leagues with world-class production quality and innovative content distribution methods.

Northern Arena is also one of Canada’s leading producers of esports and video game content. With its extensive experience in creating content for television, as well as ever-growing web and mobile platforms, Northern Arena sets the standard for esport content in Canada by telling compelling, high production value esports stories curated for an ever-growing, content-hungry audience.

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