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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 28 2021

Today marks an important day for team Sailor Scouts as they formalize their partnership with Northern Arena by creating the first professional esports organization for women in Quebec.

Members of the Sailor Scouts team are joining forces with Northern Arena’s Mirage Esports team to form a new division known as Mirage Scouts.

Mirage Scouts’ mission will be to pursue the Sailor Scouts’ initial goal: to allow as many women as possible to play competitively in order to help reduce the gender disparity in the esports community.

Northern Arena will help the Scouts take their mission to the next level by providing the financial support their players require to grow professionally. 

This acquisition opens the door for new competitive teams to join the organization. Mirage Scouts is proud to announce the addition of a new Rainbow Six Siege roster to join its initial Overwatch team, the same roster that was announced last month under the Mirage brand. The roster consists of:

“I’m happy to welcome the Scouts to the Northern Arena family,” said Northern Arena Founder and CEO Carl-Edwin Michel. “I’m a strong advocate for diversity in the gaming and esports industry. With the Scouts joining us, we’ll be able to help their passionate players achieve success on Canadian and international stages.”

“I’m very proud of how far the Sailor Scouts have come. I never could have imagined a better outcome to our story when we launched the project almost five years ago,” said Mirage Scouts Esports Director Véronique Bouffard. “For me, it’s a dream coming true – knowing that from now on there will be an active professional all-women esports team in Quebec. I’m looking forward to seeing our players shine internationally, thus helping Quebecers shine.”

To keep up to date with the team, follow the Mirage Scouts on social media:


About the Sailor Scouts

Known for their “Fight Like a Girl” motto, Sailor Scouts is an esports team whose mission is to allow more women to play competitively to reduce the gender disparity in the esports community.

The team, which will celebrate its 5th anniversary this year, was co-founded by Veronique Bouffard and Stephanie Yan. The project started as a simple esports team and has grown into an organization that supports over 30 esports enthusiasts.

About Northern Arena

Northern Arena is one of the most prominent esports organizations in Canada. Northern Arena focuses on creating platforms for physical events and online leagues. Working closely with various game developers, Northern Arena aims to seamlessly broadcast these events and leagues with world-class production quality and innovative content distribution methods.

Northern Arena is also one of Canada’s leading producers of esports and video game content. With its extensive experience in creating content for television, as well as ever-growing web and mobile platforms, Northern Arena sets the standard for esport content in Canada by telling compelling, high production value esports stories curated for an ever-growing, content-hungry audience.

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