Mirage esports becomes Québec’s first professional esports team

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Montréal, Québec, Canada, March 24 2021

Mirage presents Québec’s first professional esports team. Following its 2019 acquisition by Northern Arena, Mirage is expanding its esports activities and becomes the first professional esports team operating in Québec.

Mirage is the only Canadian organization invited to participate in Rainbow Six Siege North American League, that will take place in Las Vegas, NV, starting March 24 2021. Some Mirage team members are already on site to get prepared for this new season.

Mirage additionally announces its arrival in League of Legends thanks to a partnership deal signed with Dignitas to create DigMirage, its amateur team.

Mirage can also count on sport manufacturer Under Armour’s support with which the team signed a partnership. Under Armour will provide the kit for Mirage team members and will offer to the general public a range of products that bear the organization’s colours. The whole range is available right now for Mirage’s supporters on the team’s official online store.

“We’re very proud to be Québec’s first professional esports team as well as representing Canada in Rainbow Six Siege North American League” says Carl-Edwin Michel, Mirage President and CEO. “This is a true team effort to create such a project and I want to highlight private investors group How to find a needle in a haystack’s input who offered us the financial support required to make this project come to fruition. ”

“We’re also teaming up with them to create an esports centre that will see the light of day in Montreal. This centre, that will open in 2022, will allow our athletes to have cutting edge installations in order to perform at their best. This will also dabble as production studio to create more content and will also enable fans to gather for various events, ” Carl-Edwin Michel adds.

Mirage will participate in Rainbow Six Siege North American League that will start on March 24 2021 and will last for the whole year.

About Mirage

Mirage Esports was founded in Québec in 2017 in order to meet a growing need in the province: esports athletes development to bring them to a professional level. Mirage supplies players with a similar structure such as the one found in development organization from traditional sports but adapted to esports reality. Coaches, analysts, managers and a whole team of passionate professionals make up the Mirage team.

Following its acquisition by Northern Arena, Mirage becomes Québec’s first professional esports organization.

About Northern Arena

Northern Arena is one of the most prominent esports organization throughout Canada and focus on creating platforms for in-person events and online leagues. Closely collaborating with various game developers, Northern Arena aims to propose these events to players and fans alike in a transparent manner with world class production values along with innovative content distribution methods.

Northern Arena is also one of the main esports and video game content production company in Canada. Northern Arena enjoys a wide experience in creating content for television, web and mobiles platforms that keeps growing. Northern Arena establishes the norm in terms of esports content in Canada by telling compelling esports stories with high production values and designed for an ever growing audience who wants more and more content.

Press contact:

Carl-Edwin Michel, Mirage President and CEO: carl@northernarena.ca