Northern Arena Certified Technical Director Training Bootcamp

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Learn everything you need to know about stream production in three days


$350 USD

Valid to residents of Canada and the US.

Join Northern Arena in a virtual training bootcamp to learn the fundamentals of eSports streaming. 

The role of the Technical Director (TD) at Northern Arena is directly linked to the success of the show. In addition to ensuring that the stream is high quality and pushed to the correct location, the TD also plays the role of the assistant director. They will cue the casters, observers, and tournament admins and work with the project manager to make sure everything is running on time. 

Completion of the program may allow you to be put on Northern Arena’s call list for future productions.

By the end of this training program, you will have learned:

  • How to configure your setup
  • Differences between popular streaming softwares: OBS and VMIX
  • Mixing audio
  • Case studies
  • Design data flow for various games
  • Troubleshooting audio and video
  • Router and internet configuration
  • SRT and RTMP protocol
  • Other digital tools, such as
  • Understanding Run of Show and scene list
  • Show flow and directing
  • Twitch setup
  • Replays

Pre-class set up – minimum requirements

  • Internet, direct connection –
  • Upload speed 30mb/s, 50mb/s preferred (no WIFI)
  • PC – recent i7 CPU or recent Ryzen 5/7 CPU, or a 20xx GPU, or dedicated encoding device (second PC, Matrox, Atem MINI etc)
  • OBS
  • VMIX
  • Headphones
  • Webcam
  • Discord
  • Dual monitor setup
  • Voice Meter Banana