NORTHERN ARENA and RDS announce new content partnership

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Today, Northern Arena is proud to announce a partnership with RDS, a Canadian specialty channel oriented towards sports and sports-related shows, to provide original content to their gaming website “RDS Jeux vidéo” in the form of written articles and video segments produced on their daily show SQUAD.

SQUAD is an hour-long esports and gaming culture show presented by fun, enthusiastic, knowledgeable gamers with hard-and-fast opinions… not to mention the gaming skills to back them up. Along with a colourful, rotating lineup of guests that includes esports professionals, game developers, and streamers, SQUAD recaps esports events, breaks down amazing plays, discusses hot topics in the world of gaming, and previews upcoming games. SQUAD currently airs on Ginx TV Canada and Amazon Prime TV.

“Northern Arena and the SQUAD family are thrilled about this great partnership with RDS and RDS Jeux vidéo” said Carl Edwin-Michel, founder and CEO of Northern Arena and executive producer of SQUAD. “We want to set the standard for esports content in Canada by producing and telling compelling esports stories with high production value. We think that RDS and RDS Jeux vidéo are the perfect place for gamers and non gamers in Quebec and across the French speaking community to see what our world is all about.”

SQUAD also produces multiple articles everyday that cover the world of esports and video games on its website,

“We are thrilled about the new partnership between Northern Arena and RDS” said Mario Jorge Ramos, Editor-in-chief for RDS Jeux vidéo. “Through SQUAD, our viewers will enjoy an energetic and enthusiastic Canadian perspective to gaming and esports events from across the globe.”