Gears Esports North American Regionals

Some of the top Gears Esports teams in North America will compete live at Next Level Video Game Convention for their chance at a share of $20,000 USD Prize Pool, 5k Pro Point Series.

LIVE FINALS: November 10th & 11th

PRIZE POOL: $20,000 + 5,000 PRO POINTS

RainbowSix Canadian Nationals

The Rainbow Six Canadian Nationals is a tournament for Canadians, by Canadians. Set across two Seasons of gameplay, teams from all around the country will compete for the top title in Canada and a prize pool of $15,000 CAD.

LIVE FINALS: August 4th & November 3rd

PRIZE POOL: 2 x $15,000 CAD

What is Northern Arena?

Northern Arena has become the leader of esports throughout Canada and is focused on creating platforms for on-site events and online leagues. By working closely with various game developers, Northern Arena is aiming to bring these events and leagues to players and audiences seamlessly and professionally with world-class production quality and innovative content distribution methods.

Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are home to vast grassroots gaming communities that have been waiting for a pinnacle platform to enable Canadian esports to thrive. Northern Arena is dedicated to building comprehensive, integrated professional esports leagues and entertainment platforms for a variety of esports titles while still focusing on providing opportunities for grassroots communities to flourish.